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Prototype iPhone Hits Ebay


  It is a fairly rare thing for us to see into the process in which Apple creates its alluring products.  Today we have a prototype that shows us not only the beginning of the iPhone, but also an early version of software running on the iPhone.  The current bid as of this writing is $735 and with 2 days left we will assume that price will sky rocket up from there.  The screens below show what looks similar to the iPhone diagnostic screens on the current iPhone.  We hope to see many more examples of such prototypes in the future.  See more photos after the jump:

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Mac Tablet Finally Coming Together?


  There has been rumor upon rumor for seemingly years now about a tablet and/or touchscreen-like device coming from Apple, other than an iPod or iPhone.  The source that broke the story says they have had their hands on the Apple prototype and that Apple is now in talks with manufacturers to bring it to fruition.  Michael Arrington of TechCrunch, claims 3 sources have let him in that Apple is planning to release such a device for late 2009.  

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