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Prototype iPhone Hits Ebay


  It is a fairly rare thing for us to see into the process in which Apple creates its alluring products.  Today we have a prototype that shows us not only the beginning of the iPhone, but also an early version of software running on the iPhone.  The current bid as of this writing is $735 and with 2 days left we will assume that price will sky rocket up from there.  The screens below show what looks similar to the iPhone diagnostic screens on the current iPhone.  We hope to see many more examples of such prototypes in the future.  See more photos after the jump:

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Prototype MacBook Air Surfaces From Ebay Purchase


  Rarely do we see any prototype products that emerge from Apple.  This lucky member of the MacRumors forum "Brett33", purchased a MacBook Air "as is" from Ebay for $730 and once recieved, he had realized he had something very special.  The MacBook Air he recieved turned out to have a black aluminum bottom and was lacking the words "MacBook Air" from the screen bezel.  The MacBook also came supplied with the interim build Mac OS X 10.5 (8R4016).  Upon the new owners investigation, he found that the serial number was for May 2007, a full 6-months prior to the the release of the MacBook Air.  Although not often seen, Apple prototypes have been seen in the wild.


[via MacRumors]

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