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PSP Go Revealed – Little Big Planet & Metal Gear Solid In The Works


  There have been rumors of a new PSP for quite awhile.  We have been disappointed by revisions of the original, but now we have something new.  Just prior to E3 the PSP Go was revealed.  It has a slide down control area, but lacks the dual analog sticks we all have wanted for so long.  On an episode of Qore, the PSP Go was officially revealed.  In the trailer was Little Big Planet and Metal Gear Solid.  There are no official specs at this time, but we are sure to hear something on Tuesday when Sony has their E3 press conference.  If you have a PS3, you can go jump on and watch Qore or got to PSN in your browser [Here]

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Vaja ivolution Top Case Review


  Th Vaja ivolution Top has raised the bar when it comes to a leather executive case for your iPhone.  Vaja brings you hand-made leather cases for not only your iPhone, but laptops, cell phones and even a PSP.  Thir cases take 45 days to make from scratch and offer only the best in quality leather.  If you are looking for an exclusive iPhone case, customized to order, Vaja is who you turn to.


There is a higher quality version of this video on youtube [Here]



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Nero and Tivo Bring Home Theater to Your PC


  A partnership between Nero and Tivo have brought us a new package deal of services called Liquid TV.  The offer is for $199 and you get a Hauppage ATSC USB tuner, a Tivo remote, branded with Nero along with the necessary IR receiver.  The package also includes 1 year of Tivo service and brings TV to your PC.  Along with using the remote you can also use your keyboard and mouse should you so choose.  You can also export recorded video to your PSP or iPod right from the interface.  There is no promise of cable card compatibility, but the whole package is not a bad deal if you don’t already have cable or satellite or just want to avoid monthly fees.


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Apple Set To Release Game Controller? If not Belkin is

  There have been rumors for some time about the possibility of the release of a game controller add on for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  An add on would give the lacking analog stick(s) that some games need to provide a great experience.  Toucharcade has posted a picture it recieved of the Belkin Joypod.  The joypod encompasses the iPod/iPhone with an analog stick on the left and 4 buttons on the right, not unlike the Sony PSP.


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Sony’s New TV so Slim, Everything Looks Fat

  Sony Japan has shown its new 40ZX1 40 inch display.  The tv is just 26 pounds and 9.9mm at its thinnest.  The TV has 1 HDMI port with a wireless box which can send 120Hz, 1080i up to 1080p over a 5Hz channel.  The wireless box has 3 HDMI ports, 2 component, s-video, VGA, mouse and Lan port.  The new menu is XMB style via the PS#/PSP counter-parts.  Engadget says even the iPhone looks too fat next to it.

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iPhone better than PSP and DS Combined, Almost as Good as original Xbox

John Carmack while speaking at QuakeCon this week seemed to be quite impressed with the iPhone’s capability. He not only is excited to the possibilities, but went on to say that the iPhone is “more powerful than a Nintendo DS and PSP combined.” While he does show concern over the available memory for graphics, he said the iPhone is as powerful as a Dreamcast and almost as powerful as a ps2 or original xbox. Carmack also noted that they have two titles in the works for the iPhone.

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