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Uniea Releasing The U-Diamond Double Silicone Case

  After a couple recent reviews on Uniea cases I was happy to hear that they are updating their case line very regularly.  The newest addition to their case lineup is the U-Diamond double silicone case.  The case has a simple and elegant design to keep your iPhone 3G and 3GS safe.  Also included with the case is their screen protector for extra protection and value.  The case i due for release on Q1 of 2010.  We’ll be sure to check them out if we can as soon as they are made available.

[Uniea Cases]

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Snow Leopard Due Out In Q1


  It looks like today brings us the unofficial/official confirmation that Snow Leopard is due out in Q1 of 2009.  This slide was taken from a group of slides from last weeks LISA conference, thanks to a slip up of Jordan Hubbard, Director of Apple’s Unix Technology Group.  The time frame certainly fits and giving that Apple already released revisions to almost its entire lineup of hardware this year, it looks like Snow Leopard could be part of the big news at MacWorld Expo in January. 


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