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Chumby One Gets A Teardown

  The all-in-one Internet, LAN, Wi-Fi, Alarm Clock embedded, open source device, Chumby One gets the "take-me-apart" treatment for us all to see.  iFixit has one again grasped the latest in technology just to give us a glimpse of what lies within the rounded square that Chumby One is.  Among the many other devices at iFixit, you can see the full teardown complete with specs and information on how to take it apart yourself at iFixit.

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Jailbroken iPhones Get A Newer, More Malicious Virus

 For those who live in the Netherlands and happen to have a jailbroken iPhone, today is not so good of a day.  A new virus has come to the iPhone and this time it is specifically targeting those who do their banking while on the go.  The BBC is reporting on a Malicious Worm that invades and can gain control of the iPhone without any authentication, acting as a bot-net.

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Diesel Fuel Made From Sunlight Through Bugs


  This idea was so out there that I thought it appropriate to pass it along. Instead of a solar panel you have a panel which holds engineered, photosynthetic organisms in a non-freshwater solution.  These organisms directly make checmicals and biodiesel from the sunlight and carbon dioxide.  The system is expected to go online by 2011 and bring biodiesel fuel at the cost of around $50 per barrel. 


"Through advanced genome engineering, we have developed proprietary, product-specific organisms that catalyze the direct conversion of sunlight and CO2 to useful fuels and chemicals".

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September 9th Event Confirmed


  The rumors have been around for a few weeks that an upcoming Apple event would be coming soon.  As usual Apple has chosen an early fall date to focus once again on music.  We would expect a new lineup of iPods, both touch and nano and maybe even a "One More Thing" announcement.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted to any other rumors around this event.

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Clickfree Offers An Interesting Backup Solution For Mac & PC


  When living with an iPod or iPhone and you find you have a lot of storage left on your device wouldn’t it be nice if you could use that to backup your files automatically.  With Clickfree you can do just that and much more easily than you might think.  According to their site all you need to do is plug the device into a USB port on your Mac or PC and then plug your iPod or iPhone into the Clickfree device.  

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Next Gen iPhone Enclosure Revealed?


  With the buildup to WWDC long underway there have been a lot of rumors and not much in the way of new physicality.  We have a couple new pictures of the bezel and internals from iphone-ticker.de.  They do not show us a whole lot, but give us a few ideas about the next iPhone.  iLounge broke down the visual information into what has changed from the current iPhone 3G.


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