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RCA Wifi Charger – Charge Wirelessly From Wifi Signals

  We missed this one from CES.  RCA has made a charger that uses the Wifi energy all around you and charges a battery inside the device which in turn can charge your device.  The product actually works and was able t charge a Blackberry Bold from 30% charge to full in 90 minutes.  The charge time will vary depending on the Wifi and the signal strength around you.  Apparently this has been done before, but never efficiently enough to be worth our while.

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Leaked Black Friday Brochure Shows Apple Deals For All

  Last week we had a vague idea of what Apple may offer this coming Black Friday.  It appears someone has leaked a brochure showing exactly what kind of deals we can expect for our after-Thanksgiving scurry to the store(s).  Among the deals are iMacs starting at $1098, iPod Nano’s starting at $138, MacBook Pro’s from $1098 and iPod Touch’s from $178 among many other deals.  Instead of heading to the mall or wherever your local Apple Store may be, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and click your way to

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