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New Metal Gear Solid Touch Screens & Details


  The iPhone has been said to have near original Xbox power, yet we have yet to see this power taken advantage of.  If the screenshot from the new Metal Gear Solid game is the real deal, then the iPhone does indeed have the power of many consoles long past.  The Konami website has been updated with video showcasing how to play the game, although there are no realtime videos available yet.  The website also has many other little details if you spend the time to look.  Lets hope more big titles make their way to the iPhone & iPod Touch and give us more than the casual games the device is known for to this point.


[MGS Touch]

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Next Gen. iPhone Back, Breaks Cover


  A photo of the supposed back cover of the upcoming iPhone has been found.  This cover shows an almost rubber or satin look and based on what we and other have found, it looks to be authentic.  There is no confirmation, but we do believe a new iPhone is coming this mid-year as the past two models have.  See the other photo after the jump…

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