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MMS Finally Joins The iPhone on AT&T


  So you have MMS finally after two and a half years…  This is the experience I love and hate about iPhone.  Everyone who has had an iPhone has suffered at one time or another from the realization that our incredibly advanced phone, iPod and web browser-in-one lacks the simplest of features.  As much as I love my iPhone, the longer I have AT&T, the more I want to move to another carrier.
I know AT&T has been overwhelmed by the success of the iPhone and how it taxes their network, but to not allow a simple feature such as MMS is just crud.  I’m holding out to see what Apple does once their AT&T contract is up and am planning to move off this horrid experience that is AT&T. 

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Microsoft Gathering Geniuses


  Microsoft is finally attempting to combat Apple with some of its own ads as we saw yesterday with Seinfeld.  Today we have news that Microsoft is gathering its own Geniuses to try and up the level of service they can provide.  While there is still nothing about a Microsoft Store, Microsoft is trying to provide in store services in Best Buy and Circuit City as Apple does.  The employees will not repair your PC, but they will answer questions and demonstrate features much like the Geniuses at the Genius Bar.


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