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The App Store Reaches 1 and has 1.5 Billion Downloads Served


  Smashing any expectations one might have had just over 1 year ago when the App Store launched, Apple has proved and created a hugely successful market for apps.  The recent news of an amazing 1.5 billion applications being downloaded in such a short time has completely shake the cell industry as to rethink what it should do next.  So far there has been no sign of a slowdown when it comes to the download rates.  Right now there are over 40 million iPhones in 77 different countries and that rate continues to grow rapidly. Here is to an amazing year and many more.


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Apple Continues To Sell Mass Quantities Of Apps on iTunes



  Most of you probably have already heard that the App Store is booming and continues to do so.  The recent news posted by Apple on their site, is they have over 15,000 available apps of which have been downloaded 500 million times.  Quite an amazing number for a mere 6 months or so of operation.  Hopefully the quantity will continue to bring more and more quality.



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OSX Leopard Required for Spore on Mac

  If you’ve been waiting since 2006 for your chance to play spore and you only have a mac, I hope you have an Intel processor with Leopard installed.  


Spore which is due to come out on the 7th of September requires you have an Intel processor and OSX Leopard installed.  On the Windows side Spore require XP or Vista and this is probably where the majority of games will be played.  


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