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Apple Reveals Top 20 Paid and Free Apps of All Time


  As we await the 1-billionth download from the app store and the associated winner, Apple has posted the top selling and free apps of all time.  In iTunes on the 1-Billionth countdown page, they give a rundown of the top apps.  In the top 5 paid apps are Crash Bandicoot Nitro Cart, Koi Pond, Enigmo, Bejeweled 2 and iBeer.  The top 5 free apps are Facebook, Google Earth, Pandora Radio, Tap Tap Revenge, and Shazam.  You can see the full list in the iTunes App Store [Here]

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Tap Tap Revenge NIN Edition Released


  The NIN edition has been in the making for a few months as mentioned previously.  Now you can get the Nine Inch Nails Tap Tap Revenge App for your iphone or iPod Touch, now for $4.99.  The game is similar to Guitar Hero but you play by tapping the screen.  This edition features 16 tracks picked by Trent Reznor himself and should give your monies-worth with over an hour of play.


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Official Licensing of NIN on Tap Tap Revenge on iPhone and iPod Touch


  Tap Tap Revenge has been an app for the iPod touch and iPhone since the first jailbreak had taken place on Apple’s hardware.  The game is a simplified version of Guitar Hero and allows you to add your songs and play to them.  Now Nine Inch Nails has officially allowed Tapulous to use their songs for an upcoming version of the app, which should be available in October.  The NIN version will include 12 songs and a theme surrounding NIN.  The company also said to expect more artists in the future.


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