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PSP Go Revealed – Little Big Planet & Metal Gear Solid In The Works


  There have been rumors of a new PSP for quite awhile.  We have been disappointed by revisions of the original, but now we have something new.  Just prior to E3 the PSP Go was revealed.  It has a slide down control area, but lacks the dual analog sticks we all have wanted for so long.  On an episode of Qore, the PSP Go was officially revealed.  In the trailer was Little Big Planet and Metal Gear Solid.  There are no official specs at this time, but we are sure to hear something on Tuesday when Sony has their E3 press conference.  If you have a PS3, you can go jump on and watch Qore or got to PSN in your browser [Here]

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iPhone Video On The Way? Case Manufacturer Shows Listing For It.


  While there is always speculation about the upcoming changes to Apple’s hardware, the iPhone is a hard one to find new options on since the 3.0 software announcement.  There are multiple sources saying that the next generation of iPhone will have video recording capability built in and a better camera to go along with it to facilitate such a need.  The findings within the 3.0 software have confirmed there are revisions that Apple is working on, but what exactly those revisions are remains to be seen.  There was also published, some interesting features within 3.0 that show a "publish video" option as well.


We have found something interesting on the B2B site Alibaba. 

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Snow Leopard Due Out In Q1


  It looks like today brings us the unofficial/official confirmation that Snow Leopard is due out in Q1 of 2009.  This slide was taken from a group of slides from last weeks LISA conference, thanks to a slip up of Jordan Hubbard, Director of Apple’s Unix Technology Group.  The time frame certainly fits and giving that Apple already released revisions to almost its entire lineup of hardware this year, it looks like Snow Leopard could be part of the big news at MacWorld Expo in January. 


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