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The Worlds Smallest Snowman, Thinner Than A Human Hair

  Scientists have done some amazing things over the course of history, but apparently they had a little too much time on their hands the day they created this little doodad.  What looks to be an interesting image of a snowman is not ordinary ball of snow.  The snowman is constructed of two very, very small tin beads that are usually used to calibrate electron microscope lenses.  

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Power From Space Could Soon Be A Reality


  The thought of turning solar energy from space into electricity and beaming it back to earth goes back to the days of Sim City 2000.  This technology could be in a our near future as scientists now think this possible with current technology.  Scientists believe that satellites rotating around the earth could beam down 5-10 gigawatts of continuous, renewable energy.  Mr. Bova in a recent article with the Washington Post believes just one of these satellites could power all of California. 

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