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iPhone 4.0 – First Look

We take a look at the iPhone 4.0 preview from Apple. The updates are many and include multitasking, folders, gamecenter, mail updates, enterprise and iAd to name a few. Check out the full video for a brief overview of todays...

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Palm Getting Serious About Gaming

 Palm this afternoon announced some new partnerships and games for the WebOS platform.  The games showcased were from ,multiple developers including EA Mobile, and Gameloft to name a couple.  Thanks to the upcoming PDK, games such as The Sims 3, Need For Speed Undercover and X-Plane are all now available on WebOS devices via their app store.  Finally the capabilities of the WebOS platform are able to be used thanks to the new development software.  Hopefully Palm can be a serious competitor now to the iPhone and Android Platforms.

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Palm Officially Launches Its Developer Program

  Palm has officially opened its doors to the Developer community with their SDK.  The SDK has been in beta for some time and has only provided about 1000 apps thus far.  In March Palm is releasing a Plugin Developer Kit or PDK which will allow better access to the hardware and software any given WebOS device. As an incentive for developers, Palm is also offering 1 million dollars to the top performing app developer in its store.  


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Palm Ares SDK Goes Live, In Beta Form

  Palm’s WebOS is having a bit of a rough time gaining momentum with their app store.  Well the new Ares SDK is now here in beta form and for us non-programmers.  You can use the online application to create a WebOS based app without any external tools.  The interface is simple with drag and drop controls.  Try it out for yourself and get building.  You can still use the software based Mojo SDK, but why not give it a shot here first.

[Ares SDK]

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Copy and Paste App Openclip shut down by Apple

Openclip is an open source app that allows copy and paste within iPhone.  The much wanted and left out feature that all iPhone users wanted no longer works with Apple’s new firmware.  The app is open source so there is a good chance it will work again, but we are out of luck for now.  Too bad it no longer works as it did not violate any of the SDK.  C’mon Apple,  just add it in..


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