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How Have You Been Using Wolfram Alpha?


  Wolfram Alpha has been running processes and calculations for the masses for a few days now.  Unless you haven’t heard, Wolfram Alpha is not a search engine but a computational engine that tries to accumulate and process data based on a given formula.  You can do a search, but it does not give you web pages, but instead offers up data about that webpage.  

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Ask.com Relaunch Focusing on 35-55 Year Olds and Faster Search


  Ask.com has revamped its site today in an attempt to get more market share and improve usability. Ask knows it will not get 20 year olds to use them for search and has refocused to the 35-55 age range.  Up to 15% of people using ask, ask questions to search (remember Jeeves?) and they aim to improve this by revamping the back end of their search engine.  The one noticeable difference we could find is the new increased speed of the returns on par with Google.  


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Safer Browsing for Kids at Askkids.com

 Askkids.com has just gone thru an overhaul.  The site is dedicated to help keep your kids away from what most people do not want their kids to have access to. Many people including myself have thought about the best ways to protect your kids from accidentally typing in or searching for that wrong term that brings them to content deemed inappropriate.  Ask.com has been around for some time and only commands 1.5-5% of the search market.  The plus side is they have been in the search market a long time and know their way round by now.

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A More Personal Search Engine

  There are many search engines today and we all know the big names, google, yahoo, etc.  Mahalo uses a different approach to its search method. With Mahalo the search results are sorted by people like you and me. The result is a search engine that delivers real pages, that real people have approved for access via the search engine.  With google for example, if you search for a general term and you will end up with basically whichever link was clicked the most being the first in the list.

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