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Project Natal Caught On Video Playing Half Life 2 and Geometry Wars

  While we await the next E3 and the upcoming addition to or consoles themselves, someone has captured the playing of Geometry Wars and Half Life 2 using Project Natal.  At first I thought this would not be something of interest until I viewed the short video. Check it out for yourself and now imagine Modern Warfare 2 and Project Natal.

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Possible 4G iPod Nano case Slipped

  Recently Kevin Rose showed the iPod nano and what he said of the design of the Nano 4G.  Today we have supposed cases showing the shell of the Nano.  This may or may not be true seeing how this was just revealed  and now we have case pictures.  Either way it is something to look at.  Notice the usb adapter instead of the proprietary iPod adapter?  Wouldn’t that be nice…


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