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Google Announces Its Very Own Operating System


  Over a year ago and long before Google launched the Chrome Browser there were many who suspected that the search giant would launch an operating system.  Today, Google has announced that it is indeed working on an OS x86 and ARM processors.    The OS should be out the second half of next year and will be focused on the web which comes as no surprise.  Microsoft may not be nervous about Mac, but you can bet this shakes them up a little.  See the full release below:

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Otterbox Impact For iPhone 3G Review


  Otterbox has been reviewed a few times on this site and continues to deliver time after time.  They are not known for thin or lightweight cases, but rather an ultra-durable protective line of cases.  Their intention was to deliver unrelenting protection at any cost and that they do.  The case we have today is again, designed to provide protection, but this time providing affordability and a more traditional silicone case.


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Picasa Adds Face Recognition to Ease Labeling Pains

  Google has again released yet another product, well this time a revision.  The program Picasa which many use for uploading and saving their picture files has received the blessing of facial recognition.  


The program now attempt’s to recognize the people in each picture by name given, and sort them to add simplicity to your Labeling of pictures.


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Adobe Releases Details for Photoshop Elements 7 with Photoshop.com Membership

The upcoming yearly release of Photoshop Elements is around the corner.  Photoshop Elements as well as Photoshop.com 1 Year membership will be available in October.  The yearly membership includes 20GB of online storage.  The price of the Application still remains $99 Dollars.  Not a bad deal for storage too.  Adobe is also releasing Premiere Elements 7 as well.

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The Newest Version of a Browser You May Have Never Used

You probably are familiar with the common web browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.  You may or may not have heard of Camino.  The Mac only browser is based on the Mozilla engine, but tries to differentiate itself with simplicity and style.  In using Camino you will find that the pages appear as quickly as they do with Firefox 3.  The most recent update of Camino 1.6.3 came out on August 7th and boasts many new improvements and features.  They include toolbar search improvements, Applescript support, tabbed browsing improvements and it maintains its use of open source.  Check it out for yourself.


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Blurring the lines of Cloud Computing

I have been using Mozilla’s Prism for a few days. The program is really not much by itself, but it is the simplicity that makes its possibilities great. The idea behind Prism stems from blurring the lines of what you do in the cloud and running an application on your computer. Now, instead of going to (insert favorite web browser and typing an address and passwords), you open an app on your mac or pc just as you would for word, excel or anything else and get the same result without all the work. The setup is very easy and straight forward.

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