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Slate Shield Review

The New Slate Shield offers a different take most cases we see using stands.  The whole case can swivel around a built in collapsable stand.  It is an interesting idea and one I would recommend checking out as it might suit your...

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Microsoft Shows Off The New HP Slate

  Jumping into the game early is the HP Slate.  The display runs windows and during the keynote, Steve Balmer showed it running a Kindle app.  The Slate can also run games, is faster than an iPhone, but slower than a full fledged PC.  The details at the moment are a bit short at the moment, but when they do arrive we will be sure to let you know.  See a quick video of the Slate after the jump.

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Top Secret Aircraft Caught In Kandahar

  Everyone loves to see some secret aircraft from our U.S. arsenal.  This picture was caught in by a French photographer and published on his secret defense blog.  Previously this aircraft was captured visually in Kandahar, but in your typical blurry images that lacked any real detail.  The photo seen above is of what is thought to be a UAV or an unmanned aerial vehicle.  Some sites have commented that it appears it may be large enough and show a canopy that you can slightly make out at this angle.

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Is the 10-inch Mac NetBook Coming Today? Some Think Apple Has “One More Thing”

  Today we will finally see what iPhone 3.0 is all about.  There are some that think there is more to this afternoons (given your timezone) conference in the way of the long rumored touch-screen Mac.  We all long for the day a Mac netbook with or without a touch-screen will make its way into our lives, and if Slashgear is right, today is the day.


"According toComputer World’s Seth Weintraub, Apple will possibly use today’s event to launch the 10-inch capacitive touchscreen device we’ve been reading rumors about over the past few weeks.  Contrary to what some believe, though, Weintraub expects not a netbook – with a hardware keyboard and traditional clamshell design – but a slate-format device similar to a larger iPod touch."


Be sure to check back for more information as it comes in, starting at 1PM EST.

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