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The Car Alarm For Your iPhone


  iFonProtect is for those people who trust their co-workers enough to leave their iPhone or iPod Touch on their desk when taking a mild bathroom break, but not enough to leave their goods unprotected.  iFonProtect uses the motion sensor of the iPhone or iPod Touch to detect movement. If someone decides to browse your goods while away, an alarm will sound if the set code is not entered in the alloted time.  


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Some iTunes 8 Users Complain of Muddy Sounding Music


  With the release of iTunes 8, we have been hearing reports of muddy sounding music or an underwater sound to music since the upgrade.  This happens on both windows and Mac and can be remedied by adjusting the equalizer.  The problem seems to be with the gain settings within iTunes itself.  So to remedy this you can simply turn off the equalizer.  If this does not work, turn the equalizer back on and adjust the gain by lowering the slider and keep it there until Apple fixes the problem in the software.  


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Video of 2 New Nokia Phones N79 and N85 Released


  There have been 2 videos posted of phones just released by Nokia, the N79 and N85.  "The N85 is a slider handset more like the N96 with a 2.6 inch OLED screen. The N85 comes with the N Gage platform and Nokia has pre-installed 10 games based on this platform. The phone has Wi-FiGPS, 5 mega pixel snapper with Carl Zeiss lens and the phone is beefed up with 8 GB of memory. "

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