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Apple Updates The Mac Pro With A 3.33GHz Processor And More Storage Options.

  Apple today has updated its Mac Pro line with a third option for processors.  You can now get a Quad-Core 3.33GHz Xeon processor as an option for your Mac Pro.  Also available today is the option to pick a 2TB drive for your storage needs as well.  What does all this speed and storage cost?  Expect to spend about $1200 for the upgrade in processor and $350 more for the storage bump.  

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Slingbox Presents Us With a Beta



  Slingbox will soon be offering Sling.com to its user, but for now it is in beta.  The current Slingbox allows you to watch your television you already have via streaming to your PC or Mac.  Sling.com wants us to share our videos and will have deals with networks to allow us to watch content online.  However you will be able to use Slingcatcher to watch the content from Sling.com.  You can now sign up for the beta and try it out for yourself.


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