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Slingbox Presents Us With a Beta



  Slingbox will soon be offering Sling.com to its user, but for now it is in beta.  The current Slingbox allows you to watch your television you already have via streaming to your PC or Mac.  Sling.com wants us to share our videos and will have deals with networks to allow us to watch content online.  However you will be able to use Slingcatcher to watch the content from Sling.com.  You can now sign up for the beta and try it out for yourself.


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Slingbox Slings 2 New Slingboxes Our Way


  The new Slingbox Pro HD and Slingbox Slingcatcher are now up for pre-sale.  The cost is $299 for each and there is no mention of the ship date as of this time.  If you are not familiar, Slingboxes allow you to watch your cable or satellite service remotely over the internet.  Definitely worth check these out along with their other models if this is up your alley.


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