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Softbank Gives iPhone Users an Extra Battery With TV Tuner


  Softbank in Japan has just released a new add-on for the iPhone which allows you to charge your iPhone and at the same time have a TV tuner.  The product is only for Japan at this time as they expect TV tuners in their phones and the iPhone did not deliver.  It would be great to have such an add-on here in the U.S. and pick up HD broadcasts on our phones, but for now we’ll have to wait or import the tuner.

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iPhone Speeds due to Network, Not Antenna

  The many different reports of bad reception and loading issues may be due more to the carrier than the phone itself.  This is mostly true when it comes to the different download speeds people are experiencing.  "In the US, iPhone 3G users with AT&T have reported average download speeds of about 990 Kbps, the same as for Softbank in Japan and Telia in Sweden.

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