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Apple Tablet Coming Early 2010…Again


  At this point it has been years of speculation and rumor about a tablet to be released by Apple.  Current information says that Steve Jobs has finally signed off on the design and it is being prepped for an early January to March release of 2010.  According to Apple Insider the project as been on and off again for 4 years or so with various revision.  This time it looks like we will finally get a device somewhere between an iPhone and MacBook that will be an all-in-one device.  There is little information available at this point, but the market is ready for a reasonable priced revolutionary tablet Mac.  Lets hope this rumor does not get extended over and over.

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MacBook Mini Rumors Surface Along With Pictures


  We have heard this rumor over and over, but this time the images and rumors come from a Russian magazine which also gives us specs on the so-name, MacBook Mini.  Although we don’t know how real or true the specifications are, it is not unlikely that Apple is working on such a MacBook.  If such a MacBook Mini were to be released, the speculation says it would retail for $899.00, which is way out of netbook range and questionable for such a price as it comes awful close to the MacBook price range.


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Apple Announces The Worldwide Developers Conference For June 8-12


  We knew it was just a matter of days until we heard when Apple will have another conference in which the new iPhone will be announced.  The unfortunate thing is that we now have to wait two and a half months and just think of how much speculation and rumor-mongering will come from such anticipaion.  This is a legitimate developers conference, but the big news will be whatever mind-blowing contraption they show us at this conference. 

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iPhone Video On The Way? Case Manufacturer Shows Listing For It.


  While there is always speculation about the upcoming changes to Apple’s hardware, the iPhone is a hard one to find new options on since the 3.0 software announcement.  There are multiple sources saying that the next generation of iPhone will have video recording capability built in and a better camera to go along with it to facilitate such a need.  The findings within the 3.0 software have confirmed there are revisions that Apple is working on, but what exactly those revisions are remains to be seen.  There was also published, some interesting features within 3.0 that show a "publish video" option as well.


We have found something interesting on the B2B site Alibaba. 

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What To Expect For Tuesday’s Apple Event


  Apple will be holding their event in Cupertino, California tomorrow morning at 10am Pacific, 1PM Eastern as most of you know.  There is one thing we know for sure about the event as Apple has already notified us of the upcoming notebooks.  


The upcoming notebooks have been revamped with a nice "Brick" of Aluminum.  We can see below what the new notebooks will look like as far as their trackpad and keyboard are concerned. 


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True Picture of 4th Gen iPod Nano Revealed, Same Old Connector

  There has been a ton of posts lately with pictures of the 4th Gen iPod.  None of the picture have shown the connectors on the bottom. Speculation about the connectors have been listed to have a standard USB cable connection.  If this picture proves to be true, the iPod Nano has a normal proprietary iPod connector on the bottom.  


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Apple Releasing Tethering App?

  A few weeks back Apple pulled Nullriver’s Netshare app from the iPhone app store.  This application allowed the use of the iPhone’s internet connection to be used to surf from a connected computer.  Today there is speculation that Apple could be releasing their own tethering app.  There were many a complaint about the removel of this app as there are many who would have purchased it.  Supposedly Steve Jobs himself (still alive) chose to respond to these complaints, writing: "We agree, and are discussing it with AT&T."


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