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iOS7 First Setup

iOS7 is the latest OS to come out of Apple.  It will be made available on September 19th, but for those of you who want to see what the first setup or startup of iOS7 is like I made this quick video. Here is iOS7 running on an...

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iPhone 3.0 Available Today For Devs With A Bunch of New Features


  The good news is that the 3.0 siftware is available today for iPhone Developers.  The bad news is that it is not available for all to enjoy until the summer.  To do a quick recap and cover a few things we did not, Apple has shown us the new features of 3.0 which include in-app purchases, peer tp peer connectivity, accessory connectivity, Google Map API’s, push for apps, cut and paste, landscape mode, MMS or picture text messages, voice memos, new calendar support, updates to the stock app and the addition of spotlight.  They have also added A2DP Blutooth support.

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Spotlight Comes To iPhone 3.0


  We needed something to find all of those apps we have installed and Apple has given us spotlight on the iPhone to do so.  The search features in the 3.0 software not only let you search apps, but allow you to search mail and all other things on the iPhone.  You can also now type in landscape mode in mail and notepad.  Such novel ideas, who would have thought the wait would have been this long for such simple usability from Apple.

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