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Starbuck Barista Tear-Down: Just For Fun


  When you think of coffee today you generally think of about 2-3 names.  Starbucks is one of the three that you either love or avoid.  Either way if you ever wanted to see how they make their espresso, then this tear-down is for you.  iFixit has taken the time to fully disassemble a Starbucks barista and show us how this relatively simple machine works.  

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AT&T Offers Us WiFi at Starbucks and Others


  AT&T has begun offering WiFi again at Starbucks for customers of the iPhone.  Included in our 70-plus dollar per month subscription, used to be WiFi at Starbucks and now they have brought it back for us to enjoy.  Apple also offers its subscribers free WiFi at airports, hotels, restaurants, bookstores and more, but the one thing they really need is a tethering plan. We iPhone connoisseurs pay enough to have the highly desired device.  Why is it we cannot get a simple tethering app to allows us to use the data we pay for?  Almost every smart phone currently offers an app which allows a laptop to connect with ease.  Anyway, it is good to see us get back some WiFi coverage and hopefully Apple along with AT&T hear our pleas.

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