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New iMacs, Mac Mini November 10th, New Mac Pros at MacWorld Rumor


UPDATE:  “Our holiday line-up is set,” Apple spokesman Bill Evans told Macworld


We have some new rumors surrounding Apple and what they intend to do in the near future.  Dennis Sellers of Macsimum News has said that November 10th is the date of the iMac refresh of which is just expected a bump in specs and display power.  The other interesting refresh comes in the way of a new Mac Mini.  We have heard there would be a refresh, then it was put in the trash bin and now it comes back refreshed on the same date as the iMac.  The other tidbit is about a new Mac Pro coming at this years MacWorld Expo.  The Mac Pro is up on specs right now, but lacks the most current hardware and the new "Display Port" for the new cinema display line which makes this a very plausable rumor.


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Apple Store Has Gone Down, Maintenance or More?


  While deciding to look at the Apple Store for a new MacBook I came accross the fact that it is currently down.  This could be simple maintenance given the time of its occourence at 4AM EST or earlier, but maybe there is a stealth update?  We would love to see a Mac Mini refresh or maybe it is just the premium headphones, or perhaps it is the iMac refresh we have heard of. Who knows?, we’ll just have to wait and see.


UPDATE:  The store is back with what appears to be almost no changes.  The Refurb Store has some different options now, but nothing else we see immediatly.


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Mac Mini Still Alive and Getting A Refresh


  We thought the Mac Mini was gone for sure when rumors of its imminent death were rampant.  Now there are reports that it is still alive and kicking and indeed getting a refresh. 


The refresh is rumored to be getting the following updates:


1.  A new Mini DisplayPort like the new MacBooks.


2.  The Mac Mini will be able to address up to 4GB of Ram


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