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StockTouch Review

The app market is filled with just about anything you can think of, but few are ready to go with updates prior to the release of a new Apple product.  StockTouch was one of the few and first to have an iPad Retina display ready...

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iPhone 3.0 Available Today For Devs With A Bunch of New Features


  The good news is that the 3.0 siftware is available today for iPhone Developers.  The bad news is that it is not available for all to enjoy until the summer.  To do a quick recap and cover a few things we did not, Apple has shown us the new features of 3.0 which include in-app purchases, peer tp peer connectivity, accessory connectivity, Google Map API’s, push for apps, cut and paste, landscape mode, MMS or picture text messages, voice memos, new calendar support, updates to the stock app and the addition of spotlight.  They have also added A2DP Blutooth support.

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Relief for The Fluorescent Bulb Hater, the New LED Bulb


  We are on the verge of eliminating incandescent light bulbs in the U.S. at least.  The regulation of energy consumption is driving us to alternative energy savers such as the fluorescent bulb’s which are worse for the environment if broken due to its Mercury content.  We now have an alternative in the form of a very bright and long lasting LED.


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