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Google Voice Transcribes Your Voicemail Into Text – Releasing Soon


  Google has announced the launch of a new application which transcribes your voicemail into messages for you to view.  The service will then send them via email or SMS message for you to read instead of having to listen to them when you are in a meeting, class or other situation where you cannot listen to your messages.  If you are currently a subscriber of GrandCentral, Google will set this up for you automatically in the next few days.  If not,  you can sign up [Here]


This could be the perfect addition to our visual voicemail on the iPhone or amny phone for that matter.  Be sure to sign up if you are interested in trying it out.

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Mobile Me Faces More Trouble with Phishing Scam


  This is more of an alert than a news story, but if you are a subscriber to Mobile Me you may want to be careful of the email you receive.  A scammer is sending out emails redirecting you to update you account information.  The email asks for the usual internet phishing scam information such as username, password and credit card information.  The notification comes via Apple Insider and the email looks like the one below.  Be careful when they look too official…

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