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PS3 Slim Announced and Priced


  The PS3 Slim was announced today and not really much of a surprise.  Sony did the same with the PS1 and PS2 and so inevitably PS3 was next.  The new console consumes 34% less power, is 36% lighter and 33% smaller.  The price will be a reasonable (finally) $299 and it will launch in September.  The current consoles will be dropped in price as well, but no reduced price was given.

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Google Announces Its Very Own Operating System


  Over a year ago and long before Google launched the Chrome Browser there were many who suspected that the search giant would launch an operating system.  Today, Google has announced that it is indeed working on an OS x86 and ARM processors.    The OS should be out the second half of next year and will be focused on the web which comes as no surprise.  Microsoft may not be nervous about Mac, but you can bet this shakes them up a little.  See the full release below:

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2TB Time Capsule Coming Soon?


  For some time yesterday, ClubMac had an image of a 2TB Time Capsule Box posted within its product detail section.  The image is no longer on the site which usually is a hint of confirmation.  It is no surprise Apple would release larger iterations of the Time Capsule, which combine a wireless router with a hard drive for backup or storage.  We suspect they put this up by accident as it was showing under the 500GB Time Capsule details and most of these images are from the manufacturer and could have simply used the same file name for the image.  Other than this, there is no more information, but we can assume the release would be just around the corner.



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iPhone Gets Much More Web Use Than Other Smartphones


  This may not be a surprise for most of us as the iPhone offers one of, if not the best web experience from a phone.  


"Net Applications’ February results show the iPhone operating system having managed over nine times the usage of its next smartphone competitor, Windows Mobile, which had just 6.91 percent of the traffic measured across tens of thousands of sites."


This does not say that other phones are not used for this purpose, but seeing how the iPhone is the newcomer to the smartphone category, the lead is significant.



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Macs for Weekend Leisure, Windows and Linux for Work

  Using Google Insight, facesaerch blog found an interesting trend.  During the week Windows and Linux are used in general.  During the weekend the trend reverses and you see more people use Macs.  This comes as no surprise when you consider the amount of workplaces that have Windows and Linux and have never moved to Macs.  In the graph above the spikes A and B are the weekend Mac usage if you hadn’t already figured that out.


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