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Safari 4 Released In A Public Beta


  For the majority of users today it seems they have swayed toward firefox, but Apple wants you to come back to Safari or continue using it both on the Mac and Windows side.  Their new public Beta for Safari 4 is claimed to be the fastest browser there is.  They have also changed the way you can look at the web with a coverflow ad-on and top sites page which is similar to Google’s Chrome.  There have also been some graphical tweaks to where your tabs lie and also an addition to help developers.  You can get the Beta now from Apple.  What are you waiting for?


[Safari 4]

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Firefox Already Preparing to Combat Chrome?

  Mozilla today announced that a new Alpha build of Firefox had been made available.  Firefox 3.1 Alpha 2 includes support for the HTML 5 video component and a handful of new features.  The video has been show playing with a translucent appearance and integrates perfectly into the browser with minimal effort. 


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DS Now Supporting Twitter

  Twitter is now here on the DS.  You can keep all of your friends apprised of what is going on around you or in your head.  The program is in Spanish and you need to have a memory card to load the program on, but if you use or are interested in twitter the install should be a walk in the park.


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