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Palm Pre Gets Its First Review – It’s Good


  Most people who have an iPhone or do not have an iPhone have enormously high expectations for the Pre.  I don’t know of a single person who wants to see Palm fail and for their sake I hope the Pre keeps them going for years to come.  Boy Genius Report was lucky enough to be able to put the Pre to the test.  Basically it is everything people want and expected.  The screen is high quality, the device is small, the OS is intuitive and user friendly and it even Syncs with iTunes.  Th one downfall seems to be the very tiny keyboard.  We would assume that anyone could eventually get used to it, but the reviewer here said it was small to the point where his thumb covered 3 keys at a time.  Overall though I think this should be a great rebirth of the Pre brand.  Now if they could come to AT&T and Verizon, their chances would be that much better.

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Cut and Paste Finally Come To The iPhone


  Sometimes Apple does some incredibly odd things when it comes to the beautiful hardware and software options they give us to enjoy.  Cut and Paste is one of those things that th iPhone really lacked and they have finally made this simple and often taken advantage of ability avilable to us iPhone users.  SImply select an entire block of text, put your thumb on the right drag point and drag it to where you want your block of text to end. You can drag the left drag point as well.  You can drag between apps as well, through the same process. Double tap, then drag in order to select what text you like, then double tap and paste to paste it.  Let us all rejoice as our usability woes and days of frustration about this simple ability have come to an end with the 3.0 software.

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