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Nintendo DSi Comes to Fruition Along With Punch Out


  Nintendo announced early this morning, or late at night depending on your time zone, the new DS.  The DS i has a bigger screen at 3.25 inches, internal memory for downloads and a built in camera.  The other announcement includes Punch Out for Wii as well as a few others.  Nintendo also announced a memory solution for the Wii in the form of 1GB sandisk SD cards.  The DSi is available in Japan on November 1st for approximately $180.


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Tesla WhiteStar Sedan to Have its Own Factory


  Just about everyone knows what the Tesla roadster is.  What you may or may not know is they plan to release a luxury sedan and then an affordable car that continues their electric only mindset after that.  Tesla is serious about building electric cars for all and is set to build a new facility for the upcoming Model-S sedan.  


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