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Nero and Tivo Bring Home Theater to Your PC


  A partnership between Nero and Tivo have brought us a new package deal of services called Liquid TV.  The offer is for $199 and you get a Hauppage ATSC USB tuner, a Tivo remote, branded with Nero along with the necessary IR receiver.  The package also includes 1 year of Tivo service and brings TV to your PC.  Along with using the remote you can also use your keyboard and mouse should you so choose.  You can also export recorded video to your PSP or iPod right from the interface.  There is no promise of cable card compatibility, but the whole package is not a bad deal if you don’t already have cable or satellite or just want to avoid monthly fees.


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Amazon Video Now Open for Viewing


  Amazon is continuing to keep in the running against iTunes, first with Music and now with Video.  Amazon has opened its new online video store "Amazon Video" up for viewing.  The store is a replacement of Unbox and is now in beta for PC and Mac. 


The Prices start at $1.99 for TV and $2.99 and up for movies.  "You can still download and watch via Unbox on PC or TiVo, and no matter how they’re purchased, content is added to the Your Video Library accessible from the web or IVL".  


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New Tivo From Direct Tv coming

  For those of you who had the pst Tivo’s offered with DirecTV,  you finally can do away with them for the new HD model.  The recent models of HD DVR’s from DirecTV are sub par compared to the Tivo’s nicely featured interface.  DirecTV has apparently noticed this and decided to work with Tivo once again.  


The bad news is that the DVR is not set to launch until the 2nd half of 2009.  


Thanks for listening DirecTV,  finally someone listens.


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