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iPhone Gets Much More Web Use Than Other Smartphones


  This may not be a surprise for most of us as the iPhone offers one of, if not the best web experience from a phone.  


"Net Applications’ February results show the iPhone operating system having managed over nine times the usage of its next smartphone competitor, Windows Mobile, which had just 6.91 percent of the traffic measured across tens of thousands of sites."


This does not say that other phones are not used for this purpose, but seeing how the iPhone is the newcomer to the smartphone category, the lead is significant.



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Comcast Thinks Itself Above The Law


  In attempt to continue to alienate its customers and make consumers hate them more, Comcast is trying to appeal the FCC’s decision about how it discriminates people who use their service.  Comcast has not admitted wholly to such practices, but it has been found to throttle down its users who use too much of what they pay for.  


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iPhone Bandwidth Now Uncapped (a little) in France

  Reports of disgust from iPhone owners in France have apparently swayed Orange from capping the iPhone 3G speeds at 384Kbps.  Previously Orange(iPhone carrier in France) was capping all iPhone traffic.  Now they have decided to open up speeds to 1Mbps which is still a cap but much more acceptable than 384Kbps. Some iPhone owners in Germany are seeing speeds of up to 2Mbps.  Orange trying to save themselves a Franc or two was apparently leaning toward the greedy side.  Now France can enjoy the great speed all of us do around the world, if only we had it….More 3G please AT&T


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