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Wired Shows Us What The Future Of Using An Apple Tablet Could Be Like

  So many rumors, yet so little evidence.  This is the truth when it comes to rumors such as the Apple tablet.  At this point we all know that a tablet is supposedly on its way.  The proof lies in the ever building hype around what could only be thought of as vaporware at this point.  Even though we have yet to hear an official Apple announcement, Wired has given us the above video with a glimpse into what browsing on a tablet could be like.  Check out the video and see what the future holds….or maybe not. 

[via Wired]

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Netflix Streaming Finally Comes To Mac


  Netflix has long allowed its PC users to stream their online selection via Windows and soon the Xbox 360.  The same has not held true for the Mac as we thought Netflix would eternally neglect the ability.  Now you can finally watch the streaming video on your Mac, but that comes with an ironic catch.  Netflix has decided to stream via Microsoft’s competitor to flash, Silverlight.  Silverlight is a very capable platform and was used by NBC during the Bejing Olympics.  Since then, NBC has dumped Silverlight in favor of its traditional flavor of Flash. 


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Mac Mini Still Alive and Getting A Refresh


  We thought the Mac Mini was gone for sure when rumors of its imminent death were rampant.  Now there are reports that it is still alive and kicking and indeed getting a refresh. 


The refresh is rumored to be getting the following updates:


1.  A new Mini DisplayPort like the new MacBooks.


2.  The Mac Mini will be able to address up to 4GB of Ram


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