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AT&T iPhone Tethering Plan to Cost $30?


  The good news is that we are getting tethering for our iPhones in the near future.  The bad news is that we will most likely have to add $30 to the already high price per month we pay for our iPhones.  This will probably just force the tech savvy to use their jailbroken tethering methods instead of paying the same as they already pay for their iphone data plan.  You also could just get a new 3G enabled laptop which incorporates a sim card tray.


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Comcast Thinks Itself Above The Law


  In attempt to continue to alienate its customers and make consumers hate them more, Comcast is trying to appeal the FCC’s decision about how it discriminates people who use their service.  Comcast has not admitted wholly to such practices, but it has been found to throttle down its users who use too much of what they pay for.  


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