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Google Voice Comes To iPhone and WebOS As And App With A Little Help From HTML5

  Google has found a decent alternative to the never ending power struggles with Apple and its app store.  Google Voice is now available to any phone with HTML5 capability.  This means that iPhone and WebOS can not benefit from the new Google Voice native web app as though it were an actual app. The app allows for dialing through the browser to make calls, send SMS text messages, listen to voicemail, access settings, and your contacts all through your browser.  The app syncs with your Google contact list, but does not update your iPhone.

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Tell AT&T About How Much They Suck With Mark The Spot

  In a move very unlike the AT&T we have recently been accustomed to, they have begun offering customer service.  By customer service I mean a handy little free app that tells them exactly how much they suck in a given area.  For us in the Northeast, or at least in the Syracuse area, AT&T has not been half bad.  However, for those of you poor folks on the west coast, we have all heard the horrors of your experience with AT&T.

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Myst Comes To iPhone & iPod Touch


  The classic game that brought the CD, yes as in Compact Disc for gaming to a usable reality comes to the App Store for you iPhone or iPod Touch.  If the game I am talking about is not something you are familiar with you probably will want to just keep moving and pass by this app.  However, if you know the game that started the series then you will want to check this out for sure.  For $5.99 you can have that classic puzzle solving and beautiful experience.  It’s available now…


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