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The Official Google Phone, Nexus One

  Most of us have seen this phone already for the past week, and especially when Engadget got its hands on the phone today.  The Nexus One does not differ much from other form factors of Android equipped phones we have seen up to this point.  While there is no HTC mark on it, the phone appears to be from HTC and matches the form factor and build quality of their other handsets.  The hardware remains a mystery as to the exact specs, but the Android 2.1 equipped Nexus One adds some tasty treats to the OS itself.  The app tray now benefits from 3D elements while there is a new added "Grid view" that allows you to see all home screen elements at once.  You also get more home screens for your shortcuts and widgets. 

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See How Palm Pre Compares To iPhone: Videos


  We all know that there is an update coming to the iPhone 3G, but what about the Palm Pre?  The Palm Pre is the closest thing to the iPhone when it comes it usability and interface or at least that is what it looks like.  The Pre was worked on by many ex-iPhone developers and the usability definitely shows.  


If you want a closer look just take a look at  all the videos on the PalmPreForumDotOrg Youtube Channel. The channel owner was nice enough to do a thorough overview of the interface through the emulator. They even go as far to do a couple Q&A videos.  If Palm Pre sparks your interest be sure to check out the comprehensive walkthroughs.

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Spotlight Comes To iPhone 3.0


  We needed something to find all of those apps we have installed and Apple has given us spotlight on the iPhone to do so.  The search features in the 3.0 software not only let you search apps, but allow you to search mail and all other things on the iPhone.  You can also now type in landscape mode in mail and notepad.  Such novel ideas, who would have thought the wait would have been this long for such simple usability from Apple.

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Cut and Paste Finally Come To The iPhone


  Sometimes Apple does some incredibly odd things when it comes to the beautiful hardware and software options they give us to enjoy.  Cut and Paste is one of those things that th iPhone really lacked and they have finally made this simple and often taken advantage of ability avilable to us iPhone users.  SImply select an entire block of text, put your thumb on the right drag point and drag it to where you want your block of text to end. You can drag the left drag point as well.  You can drag between apps as well, through the same process. Double tap, then drag in order to select what text you like, then double tap and paste to paste it.  Let us all rejoice as our usability woes and days of frustration about this simple ability have come to an end with the 3.0 software.

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Ask.com Relaunch Focusing on 35-55 Year Olds and Faster Search


  Ask.com has revamped its site today in an attempt to get more market share and improve usability. Ask knows it will not get 20 year olds to use them for search and has refocused to the 35-55 age range.  Up to 15% of people using ask, ask questions to search (remember Jeeves?) and they aim to improve this by revamping the back end of their search engine.  The one noticeable difference we could find is the new increased speed of the returns on par with Google.  


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Flickr Gets a Facelift


  Flickr, Yahoo’s photo upload and sharing site has been aware that its user interface can be sometimes unfriendly.  In an attempt to cure the unproductiveness, they have given the interface a much needed facelift.  The homepage now shows more information such as friends, your photostream and your friends photostream and also shows your blog.  The change is definitely an improvement and makes the usability more simple.


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