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Gift Guide For The Holiday 2008 #1 – Blue SnowFlake


  This year there have been some notable goods available for us gadget loving, consuming technologists. We thought we should show some of the notable gadgets and provide a new one every day.  Maybe you could also have it as a mini Holiday Gift Guide or just a reminder to some great pieces of technology this year. 


Today we present you with the Snowflake Microphone from Blue.  The Snowflake provides you with recording and podcasting ability on the go, but with a recording quality better than you would expect from such a portable microphone.  The microphone offers a USB connection (USB cable included) and works as a plug-n-play device on your Mac or PC.  Blue offers some of the best microphones you can buy and the Snowflake is no exception and should satisfy the majority of podcasters out there.  The Snowflake will sit as a standalone microphone or sit on top of your laptop.  When not in use, it folds into itself to provide easy storage on the go. The cost varies depending on the store, but ranges from $57 to $79.

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Universal Digital R50 Remote Eases The Programming Pain


  Universal is in the business of trying to provide the best home theater remotes possible and now they have the R50 which brings their features to the main consumer market.  The R50 runs on two AA batteries and features a fully customizable backlit touch screen, can control up to 18 home theater components, and incorporates an ARM7 microprocessor.  The best part is that you don’t have to connect it to your computer to program it.  The remote holds all the information for all your devices and then some.  If there are updates available, it does feature a usb connection under the battery cover, but out of the box, it supports everything currently on the market.  All of this goodness comes in at a reasonable $149.




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