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Logitech Gives Us A Single Transceiver For Up To 6 Devices


  In the seemingly never ending battle to free USB ports, Logitech has given us a new transceiver (they call Unify) which allows up to 6 devices to connect wirelessly at once.  For example, you could have a mouse, keyboard and another set of mouse and keyboard for one computer.  Now when you buy a new mouse you can simply open the software and add your new keyboard or mouse to the existing transceiver instead of having one for the mouse and a separate one for the keyboard.  The question is why have they not done this sooner?  Logitech gives a list of compatible devices on their site which are available for pre-order.


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Apple Releases Their 17-inch Unibody MacBook Pro


  Apple is finally releasing the 17-inch version of their unibody MacBook.  The 17-inch MacBook Pro, is the .98 inches thin, 6.6 pounds, and is the world’s lightest and thinnest 17-inch notebook. There’s a 17-inch LED backlit display, 1920×1200. “This is the best display we’ve ever shipped in a notebook.” 700:1 contrast ratio, 60% greater color gamut than the previous 17-inch display.


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