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One Week With Apple Watch

I’ve had the Apple watch for a little while now and thought I would share my thoughts after one week of use. I go over some of the Apple Watch interface and then talk about what I like and don’t like about the Apple...

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Apple Update: ProKit 5.0 For Final Cut


  Apple has just released an update for ProKit used in Final Cut and other variations of the software.  


This update improves general user interface reliability for Apple’s professional applications and is recommended for all users of Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Server, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Aperture, Final Cut Express HD, Soundtrack, Logic Pro and Logic Express.


You can get the update via software update now.

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Google Announces Its Very Own Operating System


  Over a year ago and long before Google launched the Chrome Browser there were many who suspected that the search giant would launch an operating system.  Today, Google has announced that it is indeed working on an OS x86 and ARM processors.    The OS should be out the second half of next year and will be focused on the web which comes as no surprise.  Microsoft may not be nervous about Mac, but you can bet this shakes them up a little.  See the full release below:

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Alpine Releasing iPhone Compatible Touch-Screen Receiver

  Alpine is releasing their first touch-screen receiver.  The IXA-W404 will only fit in a 2-din compatible car, but offers a QVGA touch-screen which is fully compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.  The reciver can also play video files from the iPhone or iPod using a USB interface.  See the press release below:



Alpine iXA-W404 2-DIN Digital Media Receiver


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Apple Branching Out To Help Developers in World Tour


  Via an email Apple has sent out, they will be traveling the globe to bring iPhone application development expertise to a city near you.  Since Apple has recently lifted their NDA, they have obviously seen the importance in committing to the ever growing iPhone App Community.  The email provides you with a link to register for a developer session with Apple insiders.


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Windows 7 to Have Ribbon-Like Interface


  Windows 7 is just about to hit beta and be released to some people who attend WinHec or at least that is what we hear.  The new update to the interface is now being called "Windows Scenic"" and is based on the Office 2007 Ribbon interface.  This is a good thing considering the "Ribbon" was quite a nice surprise to the Office user and is well thought out.  The new interface of each window will present you with a few icons which are smartly grouped into categories and removes the clutter of the current user interface.  

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Flickr Gets a Facelift


  Flickr, Yahoo’s photo upload and sharing site has been aware that its user interface can be sometimes unfriendly.  In an attempt to cure the unproductiveness, they have given the interface a much needed facelift.  The homepage now shows more information such as friends, your photostream and your friends photostream and also shows your blog.  The change is definitely an improvement and makes the usability more simple.


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Next Windows Home Server To Get a UI Refresh Like Time Machine


  Microsoft is hiring once again and this time it is for a passionate person looking to help create a user interface(UI), similar or close to the UI of Apple’s Time Machine.  The team wants someone to make backing up as simple as Time Machine,  but also incorporate Live Mesh into it as well.  Home Server could arguably be one of the best operating systems and interfaces it has ever made and it is nice to see them continuing to progress in the right direction,  Although Time Machine has been referred to as some of the worst UI for Apple.


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Wave 3 of Windows Live to Offer IM

  Wave 3 is now being promoted for Windows Live Hotmail.  The changes are an IM client within Hotmail along with user interface changes that resemble Outlook more than webmail.  Live Hotmail will be integrated more closely with Calender and Messenger.  Now bringing windows live mail closer to Gmail.  Now if they would only offer Imap an Pop access for free like gmail we would be all set.


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