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Palm Pixi Gets Its First Reviews

  The Palm Pixi is a very slick and tasty design.  The major problem, it has no wifi, a slower processor than its sibling and still no video.  The price seems right for the Pixi, but instead of give you a bunch of opinions before I have had it in my meaty clutches, check out some of the reviews of Palms newest WebOS device.  See the links after the jump:

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iPod Touch Case With Camera Hole Surfaces At Retail


  If previous visuals and rumors of an iPod Touch with camera wasn’t convincing enough, the newest pictures should change your mind.  It appears while someone was glancing at cases in a Texas retail store they stumbled upon the latest case version for iPod Touch. The case has the hole present for a camera that was never released.  A camera may be coming soon if this is any indication.


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