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Walmart To Sell $99 iPhone ?


  We already know that Walmart is going to be selling the iPhone in their stores this month.  The one thing we did not know is they may be selling a 4GB version of the iPhone 3G for $99.  The first iPhone came in 4GB and 8GB.  Apple later did away with these models for 8GB and 16GB models.  A 4GB model may not appeal to those who already have an iPhone, but it may appeal greatly with those who do not yet have the iPhone. It has been said by analysts in the past that iPhone could feasibly be sold for $99, so this is definitely likely.


[via MacRumors]

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BlackBerry Bold For Free At WalMart


  If you were considering a new BlackBerry and your phone contract is showing it is time to renew, you can get the BlackBerry Bold from AT&T at Walmart for free.  The new BlackBerry Bold only requires you re-sign or sign a 2-year contract with AT&T.  If you prefer no contract with you phone, you may want to take out a loan for the $699.00 asking price.  You can get it now on Walmart’s website.


[via Walmart]

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