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Palm Pre Gets Torn Apart For Our Viewing Pleasure


  Most of you know the Palm Pre launched today and is available to the few who happened to get to the stores this morning.  Rapid Repair has already taken their Pre apart to show us the insides and provide instruction should your Pre need repair out of warranty. If you want to see the rest of the tear down head over to the Rapid Repair site and see all the high res images for yourself.  They also note that the components inside amount to $170.02 give or take a few cents.  Although this is not a definite figure, it gives us an idea and is right in the ballpark of the iPhone for which it competes.


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AT&T Now Selling 16GB Refurbished iPhone for $149


  If you were on a budget and you just had to have the iPhone then you are probably familiar with the 8GB refurb deal of $99 from AT&T.  T add to those on a budget or just looking to get a god deal, you can now get the 16GB iPhone for only $50 more at a reasonable $149.00.  The best part of the whole deal is that the only difference between new and refurbished with Apple products is the box.  The warranty remains the same and you get a flawless device.  You can get the iPhone deal [here]

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MacBook Air Only $999 Refurbished On Apple.com


  If you have been wanting a MacBook Air from the get-go and have not had the money or thought it too expensive, Apple is offering it to you for just $999 refurbished.  The great thing about Apple refurbished items is they carry the exact same warranty as their new products.  This eliminates your risk and makes it worth the waiting you have had to endure.  See the specs below and get one while you can.


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New MacBooks Now In The Refurbished Apple Store


  The new MacBook and MacBook Pro have made an appearance in the refurbished store on Apple’s site.  The 13-inch Aluminum MacBook are selling for $1,099 and $1,399, while the one MacBook Pro available is $2,099.  The refurbished MacBooks come with all accessories and the 1-year limited warranty of the new MacBooks.  Get them while you can.



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AT&T Selling iPhone 8GB For $99 With 2yr Contract


  If you have been waiting or saving for the $199 iPhone you can now get it for half that price.  AT&T is now selling a refurbished 8GB iPhone for $99 with the normal 2 year contract.  The best part is a refurbished Apple product comes with the exact same warranty as a new product would, so there is really no reason to fear. Just pocket the other 100 dollars or put that toward the cost of your monthly plan and know you are getting the best deal around.


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