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Intel Shipping Lower Voltage Eco-Friendly Xeon’s


  Intel today annouced it has began shipping its new Quad-Core 45nm halogen-free Intel® Xeon X5492, X5470 and L5430 processors.  The fastest of these processors run at 3.4GHz and the low voltage versions only use 12.5 watts of power per core.  The slightly faster x5270 uses 80 watts of power and runs at 3.5 GHz.  Prices begin at $562 dollars and increase up to $1172 for the fastest chipset.  



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Intel Working on Wireless Recharging

  Intel is working on wireless recharging for gadgets, laptops, etc.  The idea would be to have your gadget near the charging point but you would not need any ac adapter.  Intel states "it can broadcast up to 60 watts of power two to three feet with only a 25% loss."  Hopefully in a couple years we will be charging everything universally via wireless.  Check out the full story for the details.


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