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MMS Finally Joins The iPhone on AT&T


  So you have MMS finally after two and a half years…  This is the experience I love and hate about iPhone.  Everyone who has had an iPhone has suffered at one time or another from the realization that our incredibly advanced phone, iPod and web browser-in-one lacks the simplest of features.  As much as I love my iPhone, the longer I have AT&T, the more I want to move to another carrier.
I know AT&T has been overwhelmed by the success of the iPhone and how it taxes their network, but to not allow a simple feature such as MMS is just crud.  I’m holding out to see what Apple does once their AT&T contract is up and am planning to move off this horrid experience that is AT&T. 

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Google Turns 10 Today, Happy Birthday Google!


  If you hadn’t heard in the past couple of days, Google is turning 10 today, on September 7th, 2008.  The mammoth company that brings us the majority of our searches was born when Larry Page and Sergey Brin crossed paths at Stanford University in 1995.  As students they both founded the company, naming it after a 1 followed by 100 zeros.  They incorporated on September 7th, 1998 from a garage and the rest is history.  

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Blurring the lines of Cloud Computing

I have been using Mozilla’s Prism for a few days. The program is really not much by itself, but it is the simplicity that makes its possibilities great. The idea behind Prism stems from blurring the lines of what you do in the cloud and running an application on your computer. Now, instead of going to (insert favorite web browser and typing an address and passwords), you open an app on your mac or pc just as you would for word, excel or anything else and get the same result without all the work. The setup is very easy and straight forward.

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