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Apple Introduces the iPad

  Apple shows us the iPad.  Details a bit sparse right now, but we have a name finally.

Update:  The device can use all apps from the app store using native resolution or pixel doubling.  The screen is 9.7inch ips display and has a capacitive touch screen.  The processor is a 1Ghz Apple A4 processor with the availability of 16gb,32gb and 64gb of internal storage.  It also has 102.11n Wifi with Bluetooth and 10 Hours of battery life.  All of this in a 1/2inch device.

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Online Overseas Wholesale Site Showing Tablet Prematurely WIth Specs And Details?

  On doing a little research via the B2B (business to business) site Alibaba.com, it appears they may have outed the tablet early.  There are numerous sellers now selling the iSlate as a new product on the site.  The distributors are reputable and all show the same image of what looks to be a 7.1inch tablet.  The image looks similar to what we have seen with an iPhone form factor.  The design if accurate also has the home button, and a couple of touch scroll arrows on the face.  The side and/or top shows two usb ports and a headphone jack.

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Google Voice Comes To iPhone and WebOS As And App With A Little Help From HTML5

  Google has found a decent alternative to the never ending power struggles with Apple and its app store.  Google Voice is now available to any phone with HTML5 capability.  This means that iPhone and WebOS can not benefit from the new Google Voice native web app as though it were an actual app. The app allows for dialing through the browser to make calls, send SMS text messages, listen to voicemail, access settings, and your contacts all through your browser.  The app syncs with your Google contact list, but does not update your iPhone.

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Palm Pre Plus Vs. Palm Pre Multitasking Showdown, 50 Cards And Counting

  The Palm Pre on Sprint was quite a powerful multi-tasking phone, but now that a newer model is coming to Verizon with more memory and storage it becomes something to reckon with.  If anyone out there has used a Palm Pre, you know that after you begin multi-tasking by opening up card after card you will reach a limit where you are out of memory and can no longer open another card.  The Verizon Palm Pre Plus remedies this with added internal memory for WebOS.  In the video from Precentral.net, the Pre Plus gets up to 50 cards at once and could keep going, but the maker of the video thinks they proved their point.  The Pre Plus is also slightly faster as well and now that it is on Verizon is a solid alternative to iPhone or Android.  See the video after the jump:

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