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2.2 iPhone SDK Already PWNED Before it Comes Out?


  The great people over at iPhone Dev Team have received their 2.2 Firmware and have already confirmed it jailbreakable.  What this means is that Apple has not upgraded the security of the iPhone and the current method of jailbreaking works just fine.  This is good news for all who want to keep using their ssh and tethering apps that Apple refuses to give us.  


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Zune Moving From Platform to Environment?

  Zune is not just a platform, but an experience, or at least that is how Microsoft is seeing it.  Microsoft is looking for people to connect multiple devices with a Zune-like experience and seamlessly connect them with other devices within their portfolio.  Zune usually gets made fun of or gets a bad reputation mostly due in part that it is Microsoft trying to do their best at combating Apple.  However, if you have ever used a Zune you know it’s not a bad experience, just another device in an iPod compatible marketplace. 


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