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Next Gen iPhone Enclosure Revealed?


  With the buildup to WWDC long underway there have been a lot of rumors and not much in the way of new physicality.  We have a couple new pictures of the bezel and internals from iphone-ticker.de.  They do not show us a whole lot, but give us a few ideas about the next iPhone.  iLounge broke down the visual information into what has changed from the current iPhone 3G.


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Twitter App Reveals TV Downloads For iPhone


  The App Twitterfon which was released on 5/15/09 apparently gave away an upcoming feature that the iPhone will soon receive.  Tv shows have long been available to watch on your iPhone or iPod touch via a sync with iTunes.  It appears that now you will be able to download them directly on your iPhone.  While someone was browsing the app, 3 ads appeared which said "iTunes Movies’, ‘iTunes TV’ and ‘iTunes Movie Rentals’. When the app user tapped on one of the ads, they were brought to a familiar interface of which is incomplete.  There is not a whole lot of inforation on the availability of such features, but you can bet 3.0 and WWDC probably will have some part in it.  For more screenshots and information head over to Open Salon.   

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New iPod Shuffle Gets Disassembled


  It has only been one day and iFixit has already recieved and torn apart the new talking iPod Shuffle.  While there is not a whole lot to see in the way of sheer part numbers, it gives us an look into the intricate packaging that the people over at Apple make their passion.  See the pictures below and head over to iFixit if you want to see the rest.


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Woot! Finally Gets The Update It Deserves


  The daily deal that is Woot!, has been around for quite some time now.  The site had become old and dated, with not a whole lot to look at other than its deals.  That is not necessarily a bad thing, but we in this modern era of web 2.0, going on 3.0, expect more from all of the goodness we find online.  The new Woot! has brightened its colors and become more style-centric to the viewer.  Now we can browse upon Woot!’s main page, blog and community with all the cheer of the bright green it presents.  Thank you Woot! for sparing our eyes and giving us a happy feeling as we gaze upon your glorious pages.



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The Desert Becomes an Oasis, Sahara Forest Project


  The Sahara desert is a nice place to visit for about 10 minutes, then you realize there is not a whole lot to see, but sand and a few cacti here and there.  Three Engineers have come together to utilize all of that space to produce food and energy.  


The Sahara Forest Project is one that is designed to grow food in the desert and at the same time generate its own food and energy.  


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iPod Touch 2G Updated Cases

The same people who are selling the 4G iPod Nano cases are also selling 2G iPod Touch cases.  From the picture it does not not show much of a change but maybe usb on the bottom as opposed to the traditional iPod connector?  Does this confirm an update?  I would assume so from the news the other day from Kevin Rose of Digg.  Not a whole lot more than that at this point.


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