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Apple Announces WWDC for June 10-14th

This morning, Apple has announced that their yearly worldwide developer conference will be held in San Francisco from June 10-14.  ​Those who already meet their requirement of having an Apple developer subscription, will be able...

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iPhone 3.0 Recap Video


  It has been awhile since we last heard from Apple in a keynote and thought we would refresh your memory of what’s to come.  We are all excited about WWDC and what APple might show there as far as a new iPhone, SNow Leopard and maybe even new product, but lets look back at what is to come to all of our iPhones.  Take a look at the quick recap video of iPhone 3.0 and see what is promised to us so that we may be ever mindful that this is what Apple has planned for iPhone aside from all the rumors.

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Twitter App Reveals TV Downloads For iPhone


  The App Twitterfon which was released on 5/15/09 apparently gave away an upcoming feature that the iPhone will soon receive.  Tv shows have long been available to watch on your iPhone or iPod touch via a sync with iTunes.  It appears that now you will be able to download them directly on your iPhone.  While someone was browsing the app, 3 ads appeared which said "iTunes Movies’, ‘iTunes TV’ and ‘iTunes Movie Rentals’. When the app user tapped on one of the ads, they were brought to a familiar interface of which is incomplete.  There is not a whole lot of inforation on the availability of such features, but you can bet 3.0 and WWDC probably will have some part in it.  For more screenshots and information head over to Open Salon.   

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App Store Now Requires 3.0 Compatibility


  If you are building an app you probably are up to speed on this, but for anyone new to apps or coding them, you need to make sure your app is fully compatible with iPhone 3.0 software.  Apple has started to discriminate the apps that only work on the 2.2.1 platform and has stopped allowing them into the app store. Hopefully this means the release of 3.0 to the public with be very soon.  We would expect that the day or soon after WWDC that this will come to pass.



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iPhone Components Begin Shipping To Manufacturer For June Launch


  At this point there is no doubt of a new iPhone, but the question remains regarding its release and changes to its already winning formula.  Digitimes reports:


"Taiwan-based handset component suppliers have begun shipping components and parts for the new iPhone that Apple is likely to launch in June, the Chinese-language Commercial Times has quoted sources at component suppliers as indicating."


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iPhone 3.0 to include tethering, MMS and Copy and Paste?

  We know a new version of iPhone software is coming soon and we have some new details on what that may include. These features are still rumors, but we would think very likely for a revamp of the software that reside on the iPhone.  The first is MMS or Multi Messaging Service, which would finally allow for photos to be sent via SMS, just like every other phone out there.  The second feature we have heard is tethering of which most of know what that is all about, but if you don’t, it allows you to conect your iPhone to your laptop and use its 3G connection.  Thirdly, the illustrious copy and paste may be upon us and avilable with this software release.

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