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HTC Titan Review

The HTC Titan is the largest of the latest generation of Windows Phone 7 devices.  The huge 4.7 inch screen simply makes everything bigger, easier to read, and adds to an overall great experience.  I have been using the phone as...

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Zune HD made official, sans HD and gaming hardcore’ness


  Microsoft made official today that Zune HD is indeed imminent, with a release expected sometime in the 4th quarter of 2009. Some of the details strike me as a bit curious, however, most notably the lack of built-in 

HD video output capability; that will require an optional docking station, not included. Considering its quoted

display resolution isn’t that much better than non-HD mobile devices, I find its "HD" classification to be a bit

of a stretch, to say the least (unless you consider the built-in HD radio receiver a good justification for the 



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Twitter for The Gamer, Raptr


  So far we have Facebook, Myspace, and the list goes on and on, and now we have Raptr.  The difference is that Raptr is meant specifically for the gamer in all of us.  Much like Xbox Live, Raptr allows us to track our friends and what games they are playing.  


The thing that sets Raptr apart is that it tracks your games on Windows, Mac, Xbox Live, Steam, World of Warcraft and shares it not only with the Raptr client, but with Facebook, twitter and Friendfeed.


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